Monday, May 7, 2012

Fiesta Rainbow Color Cookies

This Cinco de Mayo I was inspired by this to test my baking determination (and patience) and attempt these M&M filled pinata cookies.  I was daunted by the multiple steps involved but I hadn't baked in a few weeks so was in good spirits for the the task.  It turns out that though there was a few extra bowls and spatulas to clean and some food coloring/dough stuck on the ends of the counter and sink...this recipe was really fun!

Basically, you take three cookies and sandwich them together with icing, but you cut a whole out the center of the middle cookie and fill it with mini M&Ms to create the pinata effect.

Some lessons were learned along the way...and I found out a few tips I wish I had known ahead of time.  For when frozen contracts, so pulling frozen dough out of a glass container that has basically shrunk is near impossible.  Second, food coloring can be a messy business...keep it inside the bowl whenever possible.

This is what the frozen dough will look like once you've sliced it.  The colors are so bright and beautiful, a little shocking, yes, but so full of fiesta.

If you saw the inspiration recipe for these you would know that it's suggested you use a donkey shaped cookie cutter for full pinata effect.  I had a dog shaped one but felt disingenuine using it.  So I switched to circles which I'm sure made things easier during the assembly stage and none of my friends commented that they were unhappy by the lack of themed shape to the final product.

Mmm...finally biting in!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Homentaschen Recipe Hunting

Happy Purim!  

This year the hunt for the perfect homentaschen recipe continues.  Ever on, ever long, ever perplexing...where is that perfect pastry that bends and pinches itself perfectly into a triangle shape, holds its delicious filling, stays moist for enough days to bake ahead of time and send away?  This one was absolutely delicious, and I highly recommend it.  Can I declare my quest complete?  I don't think so, I'm not sure I'll ever be content, but these are far worth a try.  This is last year's effort LINK.  Do you have another recipe to share?

My Mom tells me that my Grandma used to make them with a yeast that's in the cards for Purim 2013...stand by.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chocolate Syrup Cupcakes

This Valentine's day I of course advocated melting cheese for those you love ala the Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese dip.  But for the more traditional and chocolate inclined, I also whipped up these little cupcakes.  The recipe is based in Hershey's chocolate syrup which makes the cake SO incredibly moist and delicious.  The cupcakes also didn't dry out so are great for baking ahead of time.  The other twist in this recipe is I didn't ice them, I dipped them in melted chocolate which then hardened for an amazing chocolate covered top. 

This Valentine's Day I didn't have much time to bake as many different things as I would have liked but these were quick and different so they worked out well.  Then I decorated just a little bit.  Even though I never celebrated the holiday growing up, and don't attach all that much significance to it, I just think it's fun and will use any excuse to bake and decorate.

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