Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little Bites of Chocolate

Little Bites of Chocolate

These little bites of amazing are so so unbelievably indulgently good.  Zero talent is required to make them, no oven is required to bake them and you really can’t even mess up the quantities.  I hesitated to even include them on what I am trying to craft as a reliable, established and upper-crust food blog.  But, I realized that I want to make cooking and crafting your own food enjoyable, and this is an excellent way to start.

An intern in my office brought these Little Bites in to work one summer day, and my colleagues, and I, went ballistic over them.  Free office food, much like free samples, has an ability to transcend all barriers separating our hands from our mouths.  It hardly matters in the office setting if you’re even hungry, if there is food it will be eaten.  But these Little Bites were so impressive that I tried them out at a bake sale a week later and won a $10 gift certificate for bringing the best selling contribution. Money. In. The. Bank. 

So having built up this much hype, I hope you enjoy!

Now the Little Bites photographed here were created specifically for a wild safari themed party I threw for the premier launch of the film Great Migrations, but they’re super easy to change up and decorate however you like.  For the holidays you can roll them into balls instead of forming squares and then just drizzle with chocolate.


1 package of Oreo cookies
1 8oz. package of cream cheese at room temperature
1 12oz. bag of milk chocolate chocolate-chips
extra white or dark chocolate for melting and drizzling for decoration


A handful of cookies at a time, crush the Oreos into a bowl until they form a powder.  It’s ok if there are still some small cookie pieces but do the best you can.  Mix in the cream-cheese with either a spoon or our fingers.  Once the mixture forms into a dough refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave by heating for 30 seconds, stirring and repeating until mixture is smooth.  Be careful not to burn the chocolate so stir for a bit before popping the chocolate back in the microwave.  Take out the Oreo dough from the fridge and form the mixture into small squares or balls.  Put the little bites back into the fridge if the dough has become warm and sticky while working with it.  

Take the cooled squares or balls and dip in the melted chocolate and then place them on a baking sheet and back into the fridge to harden.  Melt a second type of chocolate to drizzle on top for decoration, or as pictured here to make zebra and leopard stripes.


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