Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday Football Steak and Cheese Potato Skins and Potato Pop-Ems

I saw this fantastic idea on Sprinkles of Parsley (an amazing, fabulous ~insert every positive adjective you can think of~ blog) for Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins and just had to post a follow up recipe idea. This is a variation of "steak and fries" in such an easy "pop-em in your mouth while you cheer for FOOTBALL" game-day food.  They're so simple to make and so delicious eat.  Basically you bake the potatoes, spoon out the inside, cook up some meat anyway you like to go inside and enjoy!  I took the extra potato filling, rolled it into little balls, and baked them as well.  It was delish and all kept in the theme of melt in your mouth sock'em with flavor game-day finger food.  Touch. Down.

*This recipe makes as much as you see pictured above so adjust in quantity as you see fit
*This recipe has a few steps but feel free to make the cups in advance and keep them into the refrigerator until you want to cook the meat filling.

for the skins:
8 potatoes
olive oil, salt, pepper

mashed potato balls:
1 tblsp. butter
2 tblsp.  mayonnaise 
*optional* fresh herbs for decoration (i used tarragon because i had some leftover)
salt and pepper
all the spices you like (paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic etc. just taste as you go sprinkle a couple shakes at a time and see how you like it)

steak and cheese
2 lb. steak
1/2 onion
2 tbslp. any cheese you like (i used gouda)

Wrap each potato tightly in foil and bake @400°F for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Test if they're ready by poking with a fork, if it goes all the way in easily they're ready.

Take the potatoes out of their foil and allow each one to cool.  After the potato is cool to the touch use a spoon to carve out the inside but leave about 1/4 of an inch around the edge next to the skin of the potato and spoon out the inside.

Sprinkle salt and pepper over each side of the potato and brush some oil over the surfaces (front and back).  Place open side down and bake again at @400°F for 7 minutes.  Then flip back side down and bake for another 5 minutes.

*Feel free to skip this next step and just save the extra potatoes for another day

With the extra insides of the potato add the mayo, butter, spices, salt, pepper and mash together.  If you're unsure about your spices add the butter and mayo first until combined and then slowly add each spice one at a time tasting in between to your liking.  Then roll them into balls and bake also @400°F for about 10 minutes.  All these different elements go into the oven at the same temperature for about the same time (don't worry potatoes don't burn too easily) so even though there are a few steps they go together well.

For the steak I just took about 2lbs. of meat sprinkled them with a "Grill-Mates" spice mix and put them on the grill for about 10 minutes just until they weren't bleeding.

In a pan on medium heat fry the onion until translucent and sweet (about 10 minutes).  Then just slice the steak really small (remember you're making finger food) and then add it into the onion for some extra flavor just on the heat for a minute or two. 

Finally add the steak and onion mix to the potato cups, sprinkle with cheese and just pop into the oven again at the same temperature just for another 5 minutes to melt the cheese.



  1. Mmm....steak yummy.

  2. I really like that filling in Potatoes..This is the most incredible thing I've seen today.Amazing idea..This dish must be so yummy and delicious.Thanks for sharing.


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