Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sushi Night!!!

This post isn't so much a recipe as an inspiration.  YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN SUSHI!  I never thought about this idea until just a few years ago and now I absolutely love sushi night.  It does take some effort, but it really isn't difficult, and it's such a fun kitchen experience to share with someone.  Everyone can help and the glorious ginormous platter of sushi that awaits your delight at the end is well worth it.  Making your own sushi is also super inexpensive.  Makemysushi.com is the all-time best sushi making advice site, it will be a huge help to you http://www.makemysushi.com/ .

I usually shy away from actually using raw fish when I make my own sushi with one caveat.  You can find sushi-grade tuna in the market, but I would still sear the edges on a hot pan just to reassure yourself that it's safe to eat.  For the other fillings I like to use cucumber, avocado, teriyaki grilled chicken, and crab (imitation). For the flavorings I make wasabi and siracha mayos by mixing about a 1/4 cub mayonnaise with 1 tsp. of either wasabi or siracha sauce. 

1 sushi rolling bamboo mat (in the Asian food section of the market)
1 package nori paper
2 cups sushi rice
1 tblsp. sugar
1 tblsp. sushi rice vinegar (or white rice vinegar)
1 tsp. salt
1 cucumber
1 avocado
1 chicken breast (or about that quantity of chicken cooked any way you prefer, I like to grill with some terriyaki sauce)
1 tuna seared steak
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 tsp. siracha sauce
1 tsp. wasabi sauce

Cook the sushi rice according to package instructions.  Usually they explain that you need to drain the rice by putting it in a strainer and pouring water over it until the water below runs clear.  Then you leave the rice to sit in cold water for about 30 minutes.  Sushi rice is a bit temperamental so do follow these instructions.  When the rice is cooked add in the sugar, salt and vinegar which will give it good flavor.

Put one piece of nori paper on the mat and wet your finger tips and then the edges of the nori.  Spread a handful of the prepared rice along the paper.  Once again for the best tips do look over this website www.makemysushi.com .  Place your choice of fillings along the rice, roll, slice and enjoy!  To do an inside out roll, flip the nori on to a piece of plastic wrap after you've spread the rice on it.  Then put the filling on the back side of the nori and roll away.  Once you've rolled the sushi in the bamboo mat really push the ingredients tightly and roll together so that it all sticks and is tight and easy to cut.  Make sure you are using a very sharp knife to slice your sushi. 



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