Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Susie's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

July is a bit of an anti-oven month for most of us.  Certainly my puppy was unhappy about the extra heat in the kitchen when I turned the oven on to make these; and he headed straight to the cool tile of the bathroom floor to escape.  But if your home is willing to take on the additional degrees you should at least be baking something worth the heat.

This week my boyfriend was off on a very special trip and I wanted to bake him something to remind him of home and the people who love him.  This recipe is his Mom’s famous (or infamous if you’re counting calories) chocolate chip cookies.  Susie is known for her legendary baking, and I’ve heard and witnessed numerous people on numerous occasions beg her to bake them a personal supply of these.  If you come to her home late at night and don’t want the ones stocked in the freezer you could quite easily convince her to make you a fresh batch right then and there (as I've heard my boyfriend’s friends used to do in high-school on occasion).  This recipe is special to me because I was convinced it was a family secret I wouldn’t be let in on, but along with a batch of the cookies that were delivered last week, there it was.

There was a special request to include Snickers in this version, but it’s completely unnecessary, just a little something extra.  Feel free to experiment with different chocolate pieces but I would start out with the original.  These cookies are extremely chewy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious due to the low flour content and low baking temperature.  If you have any chocolate chip recipes you think will top it, I can’t wait to try them out…but good luck!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: Easy, Healthy, Simple & Sweet

So this recipe is somewhat of a storied baking legend for me.  I found it online years ago and have zero idea how I came across it (I think I probably Googled “chewy oatmeal raisin cookie”…cause I like my cookies chewy).  Although, sometimes I think I might have photocopied it from a friend.  To add to its lure I also think I made this recipe once and accidently left half the butter in the microwave where I had put it to soften and the cookies still came out fantastic.  So now, almost like my Grandmother’s ultimate secret chocolate cake recipe, this Oatmeal Raisin Cookie is gaining traction in my repertoire as somewhat of a legendary piece.  No one can say for sure how it got here and somehow even if you make a drastic alteration (like leaving out butter) it still magically turns out well.  (But please don’t try to halve the butter in this recipe, I can’t promise similar results).  Do you have any similar legendary baking stories/recipes?  Please share!

A few weeks ago, when my sister was pregnant with my now adorable baby niece, I wanted to send her some cookies.  I needed something that was good for her and the baby but still sweet and delicious.  I thought of this recipe right away and sent over a batch.
This is a picture of what’s left of the actual recipe…

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