Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Little Cookie Shop...and a Few BIG Cupcakes

Back to the bakery bucket list...when birthdays roll around I tend to make a request for something sweet from one of the bakeries I've been waiting to try.  With the annual celebration of life comes the equally indulgent celebration of baked goods.  I had to post about these two bakeries because they are absolutely amazing.  The first you will likely have heard of: Crumbs Bake Shop of NYC fame. 

I've dabbled in my fair share of cupcake shops (Sprinkles in LA still reigning supreme), but Crumbs really ramps it up a notch to impress.  Most notably in the shear size of the things.  The little mini cakes are also equally impressive because they highlight so many delicious flavors.  I was very thankful this year for getting to celebrate my birthday with these.

Next up, Bundles of Cookies...hailing from Bethesda (near Washington, DC) sits this little shop of absolute stunningly detailed cookie confections.  To dispel initial fears...they taste so so so good.  There is a delicious almond flavor to them and they are so thick and moist.  What's really so impressive about these cookies is the details of the decorations...and they can do ANYTHING.  You just send in a photo and pop it's a cookie confection.  The ones below were a few of the ones chosen for my boyfriend's 25th birthday party centerpieces (the little puppy in the corner is of course the baked image of our dog Rocky...complete with Rocket Ship name tag and happy pink tongue).  Here is their website...definitely worth a glance: http://www.bundlesofcookies.com.


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  1. I'll take one of those little cakes that looks like a hostess cupcake...please :)


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