Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chocolate Syrup Cupcakes

This Valentine's day I of course advocated melting cheese for those you love ala the Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese dip.  But for the more traditional and chocolate inclined, I also whipped up these little cupcakes.  The recipe is based in Hershey's chocolate syrup which makes the cake SO incredibly moist and delicious.  The cupcakes also didn't dry out so are great for baking ahead of time.  The other twist in this recipe is I didn't ice them, I dipped them in melted chocolate which then hardened for an amazing chocolate covered top. 

This Valentine's Day I didn't have much time to bake as many different things as I would have liked but these were quick and different so they worked out well.  Then I decorated just a little bit.  Even though I never celebrated the holiday growing up, and don't attach all that much significance to it, I just think it's fun and will use any excuse to bake and decorate.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Buffalo and Blue Cheese Chicken your love through melted cheese.

Fat February marches on, and this Valentine's Day I suggest you show your love through melted cheese.  Chocolates can easily be store bought, but combining just the right types of cheeses into a perfect hot dip is a delicate DIY art.

This beauty of an appetizer was designed for our Super Bowl party the other week, and well, I've been in a cheese coma ever since and have just now awakened and am able to post about it.  Inspired by our friend Tucker's amazing buffalo chicken dip this recipe adds blue-cheese and cream-cheese for an extra special touch.  Over the top?  There's no such thing in Fat February.  You can actually use low-fat cheeses and make this recipe borderline healthy, it's not bad at all.  But for this Valentine's Day I'm going to show you how to make the real deal.

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