My mother has a passionate fear of any modern technology created to simplify life.  She prefers written checks to ATM cards, never shops online and is personally offended by the concept of call waiting.  She’s also from South Africa, so perhaps it’s to be expected that in 1973 when she moved here she carried with her to the New World both the British notion of formalities and niceties along with the African ideal of honoring our past.  So as is the logical progression, the whole concept of restaurant food, well established as it may seem to you and me, still innately bothers her.  Even if you’re eating at LeCirque it’s still an admonition that you are failing to prepare food for your own family.  And while I hardly subscribe to this life philosophy I can’t help but admit I think it has influenced my warm hearted and nostalgic indulgence for cooking.  But though the Barefoot Contessa and my Mom are my cooking inspirations, this blog is about the food I actually cook.  I don’t have a Cuisinart or a set of All-Clad pots and pans; my mom has instilled a mortal superstition in me that those are for girls that are married, and buying them prior to matrimony is tantamount to wearing a ring you bought yourself on your left hand.  So I persevere onwards, with my little recipes I make for lunches for one, dinners for two and desserts for my friends.  I don’t have too much money to spend on fancy ingredients and I don’t have too much time to spend baking.  Mostly because I get bored, cook only during commercial breaks of such classics as Jersey Shore and Gossip Girl, and often can’t decide what I’m going to make until I’ve just gotten home from work.  But once in a while, for something special, I’ll take the time to use an extra sprinkling of sugar.

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