I hate farmers markets because I’m scared they’re full of barefoot hipsters sneezing on my produce.  And although I enjoy cooking and food blogging I really do believe organic food is for pansies who enjoy paying a high premium.  My stomach can handle pesticides with the best of them and I wouldn’t baby it now with organic fair just to let it ruin my later life dream food travels of India and Asia.  Besides, the one time I had an organic apple (from a farmer’s market) I was bedridden with the flu for a week.

Admittedly, I do love strolling around open markets and sampling different things to eat as well as supporting local farmers and their efforts to “green” up my palette.  And while the honey sticks and protea flowers at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market are a most beloved childhood memory of mine, I wouldn’t want anyone to fear a jump into cooking because they cant afford or find the best ingredients.

I was inspired to write this blog when one of my most favorite food sites championed the necessity for using Vietnamese Cinnamon in their apple cake recipe.  I don’t like to make anything intimidating or classist because food to me is this unequivocal equalizer, meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.  If however you have experienced the pleasure of Vietnamese Cinnamon I’m very curious to hear more about its qualities. 
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